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Thanks Mike for that. Just after I posted the above I realised I also had Faststone Image Viewer in my portable folder. I can't see though, how I would use this for tagging of photos. I have version 3.5 and the latest is 3.8 but I can't see in the history where getting the newer version would give me what I want. I can see where I can enter a comment but not how I can then retrieve all photos with a certain keyword/comment.

Also thanks for the review link which I had read. Because you sent me back there I realised at the bottom there is a wiki link to comparisons of image viewers and in that I found that Irfanview and XnView can both edit this IPTC thingy so I will check them out.

Graphics Editors/Viewers is one area I become really overwhelmed. No one programme does all I want it to and there are just so many out there.

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