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Default Dreamlinux

Dreamlinux is making a comeback after a long time with a completely re-worked release.

As with previous releases there's a lot of emphasis on presentation and the result is the best example of Xfce I've yet seen.

Had a quick look at the live DVD and first impressions were good. Both my connection methods worked out of the box and I was just beginning to think about an install until I looked at sound. My front/back speaker arrangement which works with pretty much everything else is not functional on Dreamlinux. With the front jack plugged in, the main setup at the back is muted. The overall sound was pretty weak too using the default player so I installed VLC using their package manager, only for it not to run. Trying via terminal produced this:

VLC media player 1.1.12 The Luggage (revision exported)
[0x85270d4] main libvlc error: No modules were found, refusing to start. Check that you properly gave a module path with --plugin-path.

I also messed around with both Alsa and Pulse and got nowhere.

Trying to register on their forum produces one acknowledgement email, but not the second needed to login

These sorts of events are what kills the initial enthusiasm of new users which is a real shame.

Nice touch too to see Softmaker as the default office suite although LibreOffice is available from their repo.
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