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Default Edits and allows searching of photos by tags

Hi all, I am after a freeware that will allow me to create tags for all my photos and then search by tags. Tags must be able to have multiple words eg. Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane's 30th Birthday. The method must be one that won't become obsolete when I upgrade from XP to, say, Windows7.

It seems that iTag would do this and the bonus with that is it writes to the IPTC thingy (I don't know anything about it) and can be read by many other programmes but it requires the .NET framework and I am hoping there is an alternative that doesn't force me to install something so huge.

Thanks for any help.

PS I currently have installed the Fuji FinePix Viewer which allows editing of Date, Time and Comment. I also have Photoscape (views Exif data), Photofiltre (doesn't seem to have any data manipulation). I also have ExifToolGUI which allows editing of some Exif data. It has IPTC and XMP buttons which show no data for my photos and doesn't seem to allow inserting of data.

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