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The browser feels like QtWeb which is great because I already love QtWeb. After playing around with the browser for a few minutes, two of the shortcomings that I found out when compared with QtWeb are 1. Save as PDF option and 2. Reset the browser.

QtWeb is highly praised for its portability and is the best portable browser to date among all I've tested. First, it's just a single .exe file and all the components are merged into it. Second, it doesn't write any settings or any trolltech stuff into the registry. Third, there are two options for 'Resetting' the browser . 'Reset' button does the same as most other browsers to reset history, cache, password, web searches including resetting the settings to default. Another one is 'Quit With full reset'. Just a single click lets the browser to be 'reborn' again as if you're installing or extracting the browser for first time.

If you don't care about portability then, Qupzilla is worth a treat compared to QtWeb. All the features have been implemented beautifully. The preferences panel is neatly arranged, the tabs are well implemeted, the dual address bar, floating search bar, customizability...most of them are implemented better than QtWeb. Also it does shows the ip address of every location in the status bar. I find no reason why I shouldn't switch.
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