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Originally Posted by bo.elam View Post
maplichen, can BitBox be configured/restricted?, sort of like it can be done on SBIE.

When the Buffer Zone test is run on a restricted sandbox, the trojan demo designed to read sensitive files gets blocked by the restrictions, unfortunately this test can not be done using BitBox.

Bo, the BitBox is encapsulated and isolated and run's in a separate virtual machine(you won't know it) with it's own O.S (Linux) when you run it, so it can't read any files on the main disk, like what Sandboxie does. It runs completly independent of the main OS. You don't have to configure it, at all for anything.

Access to internet is granted through a "guest room”, in which the browser operates and this "guest room" is in isolation from the base system of the network or computer system. Thus when you connect to the internet, you don't have to fear about the danger of downloads from the Internet by spyware or actual attacks on the main operating system, because these from the outside – out of the Internet - is not visible.

Best of all, every time the browser is restarted, BitBox resets to a different certified boot image and any infections are removed, while all downloads from the Internet are checked for their safety, before storing in the main operating system (it doesn't directly store in main O.S. It can be done by means of a shared folder which is accessible through a separate user account, hence unless manually moved out of the VM you won't even have trace of it on your desktop). So any existing malware that might have come through in the previous browsing session is isolated and totally eliminated -- all without having to continually run an antivirus scan of the system to weed out each and every piece of malware.

To keep things extra secure, uploads and Internet access are disabled on the base operating system once BitBox is launched. Thus the browser functions as a secure lock data. You won't know that all these are happening, because BitBox appears on the desktop like an icon. You double click it and you won't know that you're working on a Virtual machine in a different O.S, because it's as if you're just using Mozilla Firefox.

So you can say, its Sandboxed inside another Sandbox, without configuring anything.
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