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Hey Bo, when I commented before I was basing a low probability of failure on some things I had read regarding sandboxie and keyloggers. Having checked up on this, I see that you are right. It seems that if you are clean to start with, and configure the program properly, It is indeed 100% at the moment. A few people claim to have bypassed the sandbox, but they are, as you say, lab tests so I take back what I said before.

Still I like the idea behind this browser in that it runs silently to get the job done without bugging the user. Much like sandboxie. It's higher on memory usage (at least in my tests) but the integration at least means I don't have to worry about keeping two or more programs up to date just for safe browsing.

I know your post wasn't meant to compare the two George but, at least in my interpretation, the functional premise behind both is too similar to not look at them side by side. Good find, it's been a while since I've played around with a new program like this.
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