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Originally Posted by George.J View Post
Infiltrations have been reported once in a while. If you're working in a large organisations with lots of computers interconnected or having a highly confidential information, doesn't it mean that you're compromised to a large extent? Also you have to configure it to some extent for a desired level of protection. But BitBox works straight out of the box. An armoured FF encased in a VM environment (Oracle) and housed inside a Debian Linux is enough to know how safe it can be.
George, I don't agree with your views on SBIE but I thank you for bringing BitBox to us. Personally, I love this kind of programs so I am happy that it is available. The more options the better.

I am going to make a comment about SBIE, I ll make it short so the essence of my message does not get lost is a sea of words.

No one has ever seen malware escaping a restricted sandbox. The percentage of success is 100%, not 99.5 or 99.9999%.

By using the restrictions, SBIE users keep malware from starting, running, accessing confidential information and sending it out of the computer.

Can you do any of this on BitBox?

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