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No need for a sorry B Carson ... its all good.

Well, it seems like your music files may be lost.

You have already tried Recuva. There were some other software in the article that was suggested. So, you can try them too, to see if they retrieve anything.

If you do use those software, if you find a portable version of them, then use that. Portable means it won't install on the computer. So, you can store that portable program on an external hard disk, or a USB pen drive, and run it from there.

The reason for that is, that files which are deleted, are not lost, they are just removed from the list of files that the system keeps. The space occupied by the deleted files is marked as free space. So, until that is overwritten, the file can be retrieved. So, if you deleted files, or lost it by partition etc, and you want to retrieve them, thing to be careful about is that, you should try not to copy or move any new data on that hard disk, which will overwrite previous data.

So, you can try some more recovery software from that article which was suggested earlier.

Also, because of the above reason, if you find files, then save the retrieved files to an external hard disk, or a pen drive...again, to avoid overwriting previous data.

Apart from the recovery software, you can also try Easeus Partition Master, which I suggested earlier. I had given the link to procedure too.

However, if you don't feel confident, or comfortable running that, then don't do it. I would also advise you to take backup of your existing and important data first, in case you do try to go ahead with EPM(Easeus Partition Master).

[Added later: On second thought, don't do it, because there are chances of having problems on the computer, in case anything goes wrong. And ultimately, you will have to take it to a tech, who will again rip you off. So, better not do it, since there are risks involved. I don't want to make matters worse, trying to get back the music files.]

Well, if you are not successful with these, or do not want to go ahead with things suggested... then, sadly, the music files have been lost. So, you will have to start building your collection again from scratch.

For that, you do not need a new hard disk . You can do it on the old one itself. There was no need for another computer too.

But, if you have bought a spare computer, you can use it as a backup computer. But, for that, you will have to install XP on it. If you have the XP disk, and you know how to install, well and good. Otherwise, I am afraid, you will have to take it to a tech again, or call someone who knows how to install it.

Or, you can also add the new hard disk to your existing system as a slave hard disk, so that you get more space to store things on this system. But, again, someone with technical knowledge, will have to do that.

About extensions, the different file formats on the computer are recognized, and associated with different programs by their extensions... like .mp3, .wma, .doc, .pdf ... these are extensions of files, and help in knowing the type of file.

If you are not able to see extensions, then you can turn on that feature. Open any folder on your system. Go to Tools --> Folder Options --> Click on tab "View" -- > Look for "Hide extensions for known file types". If a checmark is there on that box, uncheck it. Click Apply and OK. Now, the extensions for files will be shown.

.mp3, .wav, .wma are music files.
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