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Anupam : Sorry if I missed some of your questions. Will try to do better.

So, all your music was in that one folder only? Did you check if any music files are there in that folder? - All music was in one folder. Yes. As mentioned before the few music files left are ITunes downloads.

If that was the only folder where you kept music files, and the files are not there, they are probably lost. I agree.

You should not search by playlist name. Instead, please search by file names, if you remember some. Don’t know what you mean by file name. I searched as you suggested using name of song, artist, playlist.”*.mp3”, wav, wmp.

Also, I had told an alternative method, to search only music files. Did you try that? If not, I suggest you try that. Yes I did . Same results

Even if you find the playlist file, it wont help much, because playlist is just a list, and does not hold the actual file. It merely points to the location of the music file, and if the file is not on that location, the music won't play. So, the playlists you kept saved are not of any use now. Instead, search for the actual music files. My music files were the name of the song, artist or playlist.

By any luck, you may be able to find them in a different drive, or folder, or if not, they are lost, because of the partitioning. Agree.

You have also not told yet, what steps or procedure you took, to partition/resize drive. That may give some indication about the problem. Over 6 months ago now. Can’t remember name of programme. Just followed whatever instructions to best of my ability. Guess I didn’t do something right.

The files that you recovered, what extensions do they have? Do they have any extension, or none at all? Do they show any icon, or no icon at all? Sorry, don’t understand ‘ extension ‘? Don’t see icons.

So, first perform the search, as told earlier. Perform search with the different methods told. Best would be to perform a music search, as told earlier. Have done so.

it would be good if you can take local help of any of your friends. [I]My friends / neighbours are mostly my age range. If they use a computer, it is only for basics. None have tech knowledge or interest. Employed a few service guys. Been ripped off. Last one had my computer for [/I]2 weeks. The bill was far more than computer is worth.
Sadly, if I had the patient guidance of Gizmo members when the problem first developed I think all would have been OK. I came to the conclusion that files were lost. I acquired an old computer and bought a new hard drive to start over again. This thread started when I asked about WMPs.
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