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Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
* Eusing and CCleaner have very good reviews. Rated high in Computer Mags / Forums as Editors Choice and Most Popular Downloads. I wanted to clean HD to increase space and thought it safe to use them as I would not personally know how to do individual files. Your remarks surprised me.
CCleaner is primarily a junk files cleaner, and as that, its quite popular. However, it also has registry cleaner in its toolbox, which is considered safe. Eusing Registry Cleaner is also popular.

As I said, the different sites, and advertisements have made the registry cleaner popular... and many people download them thinking that running them will make their computer faster, and think of them like magic programs. It does not work that way. Registry cleaner should be used only by experienced users. This is because if any of the useful registry is deleted, or changed, it may just make your system unbootable. Experienced users can deal with that, general users cannot.

Also, there is no proof that registry cleaners bring about a performance change, or make the computer work faster. In some cases it might be useful, but in majority of cases, it does not affect the performance.

Also, you said you had to clean the hard drive. The best way to do it was to move the files that were taking up large space, to the other partition.

Running registry cleaner will not get rid of any substantial space. Its because the registry entries are very small files. Getting rid of unused registries will not get rid of any substantial amount. The amount of space you will get will be minimal, and that won't make any difference.

So, instead of running registry cleaner, you should have just run CCleaner, in file cleaner mode. That gets rid of the various junk files that accumulates with computer usage over time, and its of no use after that.

Also, a lot of space might also be taken by old system restore points. So, deleting the old restore points will also get some amount of space back. The old restore points can also be done via CCleaner. Its a separate feature.

Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
* Partition E has : 4 windows folders ie dotnetfx20 and dotnet fx30 etc.
plus 151 OGM files, plus Image.bin and Image.use.
I suppose they were installed by tech repair guy some time ago.

Everything else is on Partition C.
Have never transferred files from 1 partition to another. Worried I might cause error and F Partition already had Win Files and other stuff. I was trying to move partition so C had more space.
You can easily move files/folders from C: drive to E: drive. It won't cause any errors. E: drive is just a data drive, and not a system drive. So, you can move files/folders there. Just keep the warning that I gave earlier regarding this. Do not move system files/folders from C drive. Everything else, you can move to E: drive. There is enough space there.

In fact, I will suggest that you move the music, video files etc to E: drive, since these files take up quite some space. They will be better kept on E: drive.

Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
* Music was downloaded to – C:\Documents\My Documents\My Music etc .file type wma.

Results if I run ‘Search’ using Playlist name eg. Don McClean –
Folder : Cocuments and Settings Size : 3 KB, Type : Windows Media Player
Date Modified : 14.01.2012 3.16pm ( year is always + 1 )

If I click on Don McClean file, click Play I get - WMP Box saying
‘ WMP cannot play this file. If file is on another computer etc. ‘
So, all your music was in that one folder only? Did you check if any music files are there in that folder?

If that was the only folder where you kept music files, and the files are not there, they are probably lost.

You will need to run recovery programs then, in order to get them back. It won't work 100%, but you can give it a try.

You should not search by playlist name. Instead, please search by file names, if you remember some.

Also, I had told an alternative method, to search only music files. Did you try that? If not, I suggest you try that.

Even if you find the playlist file, it wont help much, because playlist is just a list, and does not hold the actual file. It merely points to the location of the music file, and if the file is not on that location, the music won't play. So, the playlists you kept saved are not of any use now. Instead, search for the actual music files.

By any luck, you may be able to find them in a different drive, or folder, or if not, they are lost, because of the partitioning.

You have also not told yet, what steps or procedure you took, to partition/resize drive. That may give some indication about the problem.

Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
* Using Recuva I recovered some music files to external HD.
If I click a recovered music file on external HD I get a box saying-
‘The file you are attempting to play has an extension that does not match file format. Playing file may result in unexpected behaviour. Do you want player to try to play file?
If I click yes and I get a box saying -
‘ Cannot play this file. Player might not support the file type or codec that was used to compress file. If I click more info I get C00D 1199.’ I still no music. And so it goes in circles.

Q 1. If file is deleted, would it show the file name and 3KB size?
I expected there to be no file / folder /name or if it did it would show 0 KB size.
The files that you recovered, what extensions do they have? Do they have any extension, or none at all? Do they show any icon, or no icon at all?

And 3 kb size is not a music file. Most probably, its either a playlist file, which is of no use, or some other file.

A music file should have size in MBs, and not kbs. A song file should be about 3-6 MBs.

Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
Q 2. If I download a different player, would new player be able to play the files ?
All players will be able to play the files. But, the important thing is to see if the files are actually there, or not. Otherwise, if the files are not there, then no player will be able to play the files.

At this point of time, forget about the playlist files, they are of no use. We need to find actual music files.

So, first perform the search, as told earlier. Perform search with the different methods told. Best would be to perform a music search, as told earlier.

If even after searching, you are not able to find the music files anywhere on the system, it will mean they are lost. Then, you can run recovery programs.

First perform a search and then post back. We will then see whether to run recovery programs or not.

Also, please take time carefully read posts, and apply different suggestions, or answer queries. There is no rush, so take your time.

In case, you feel like you will need help, it would be good if you can take local help of any of your friends, because I think you have lack of experience of usage in computers, and so, if you can get some local help, it would be good. We will try our best as we can to help you.
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