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Originally Posted by deya View Post
The blue bar does seem to annoy people, and I'll try your method using AdBlock, although I don't use Google as often as I used to do. One thing I did notice though. I use Opera most of the time and the blue bar doesn't show at all. Why that is, I'm not sure. I thought maybe Opera AdBlock could be blocking it but disabling the extension makes no difference, still no blue bar. Strange, but there you have it.

But I have to say it would be better if Google just stopped adding irritating things to their homepage. All it appears to succeed in doing is drive more people away from it.

Lovely conversation and thanks.

Google are prone to experiment with all kinds of crap that emerge from their junior playschool pranksters. It has been going on for years and has probably an infinite life span.

I am aware that some of their nightmares are done by a magical formula unknown to anybody else except themselves and are vomited upon only certain sections of the worlds keyboard plonkers. So I am not surprised that you do not have this blue bar infestation on your machine.

There is no logic known to common people like us how these plagues are dispensed by Google. Once they infest us with some new objectionable crap, they just sit back and absorb with great pleasure the agony they have caused and completely ignore any objections made by the common herd.

We are all eternally grateful to the worlds hackers, code breakers, wizz kids, mischievous bums and other boy wonders who take immense pride in blowing many of the Googlisms clean out of the water and help us all to enjoy our Internet escapades in perfect peace.

Another matter OT but interesting and amusing is that I have a Gmail account and use it a lot. Recently the Google Gremlins have inserted a pop-up panel that says "Switch to the new look" every time I log on.

Well, of course, not being born yesterday I completely ignore it, since I have no wish to turn into a frog and my lovely golden coach into a pumpkin with no return ticket.
GOTCHA Google !

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