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B. if you wanna find your music, you have to run a scan with a partition recovery software.
I'm gonna explain you what is going on.
Windows "knows" the location of files because it read from a site called MFT (Master file table) or FAT (file allocation table). Imagine a text file like this:

B. Song 1.mp3 --------------- C:\ Files of B\music 3,475 KB Sector 1 in HDD; Cluster 1
B. Song 2.mp3 --------------- C:\ Files of B\music 5,788 KB Sector 1 in HDD; Cluster 2
B. Text document.txt --------C:\Files of B\Documents 14KB Sector 4 in HDD; Cluster 16

It's just and idea of how MFT handles files location; now, when file is moved or something, there's the need to inform to MFT so it can change file location. Now suppose your pc reset during repartitioning and software you were using could not inform to MFT made changes, then files become unavailable when you turn on your PC; files are still there but Windows does not know it because, when reading from MFT get incorrect information; Windows assume that disk position is available to store new files, so you have to be careful, and not to write so much in disk 'because exist the possibility to overwrite old file position and such file becomes unrecoverable.
Now, I always use .... a commercial solution , so I can't point you to a free one that I have not tested, here in Gizmo's is a review available of that kind of software.
Basically, partition recovery software, scans directly over disk ignoring MFT and inform what it found , so you can select a file B. Song 1.mp3 and say, that's my song! then you'll be asked where to save it. If possible, try not to save it to the same disk partition where it was, again, because you could be overwriting another files you may want recover.
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