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Originally Posted by Ratzo View Post
I think If you really knew what you were doing or rather how to do it it would have taken you a lot less time
Less time overall for this exercise possibly, but still a lot more than Linux considering all the programs that need downloading, installing, configuring and updating for Windows, especially those that are security related.

Installing a typical (full) Linux distro for me takes around 10 minutes. Updates vary depending on the nature of the release but typically it's still less than it takes me to update a new Windows 7 install. OK, so you'll need flash if it isn't included but considering at least one program of each type is installed by default, the rest is just down to personal preferences. I prefer Evolution or Thunderbird over KMail say, but that's it. Sensors too will need installing and activating in Linux for those who want monitors and meters but this only takes a couple of minutes.
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