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Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
* Windows XP Professional 2002 SP3. H.D is 80 GB.
C Partition : Total Size 19.5 GB. Free Space 3.85 GB now ( was almost full then ).
E Partition : Total Size 54.9 GB Free Space 53.80 GB

* When I got computer back from tech guy everything was on C partition including music files and I continued using it until warned it was full. I deleted old unused downloads to make space but warnings continued.
Thanks for replying back.

You have ample space on your hard disk. And you also have an empty partition. So, don't know why you decided to run a partition software.

All you had to do was move the files from C: to E: partition, and the problem would have been solved.

You can still do that now. You can move files or folders, from C to E. Just remember, do not move any system files, which are in folders Program Files, Windows, Documents and Settings etc. Files in these folders should not be moved.

Rest, you can move music files, your documents, videos, software setup files etc. I think you don't know how to copy or move files?

For moving files/folders, simply select the files/folders, right-click and choose Cut. Then go to the folder where you want them to be moved, and click Paste.

From the size, it seems like you have some files in E partition. Did you copy or move anything to that partition?

Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
* Ran a registry cleaner ( think it was Eusing ) then a partitioner I can’t remember the name.
When I read software blurbs about partioning I did not think it would be difficult.
B Carson, please, if you are not an experienced user, you should not do anything to the registry. You should not edit registry, delete any key there.. you should not do anything at all there.

That applies to registry cleaners too. Although some registry cleaners like Eusing/CCleaner are considered to be safe, still, they are not 100% reliable, and they can do harm to your system. You will see many advertisements/sites etc, which will tell you that running registry cleaners can speed up your computer, and that they are all-in-one, and 100% solution to problems on your system. That's all crap! Stay away from registry cleaners, or anything to do with registry, if you are not an experienced user, simple as that.

As already said, there was no need to go for partitioning software, because you already had an existing empty partition with huge space. By attempting to partition, or resize, you just called trouble upon yourself.

Do you remember what you did when you used the partition software?

Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
* Discovered music files lost.Searched for Media Player - in Add / Remove list.
I tried to return computer to an earlier date but still no music files.
Now, I have a copy of Media Player ( think its 9 ) back. It rips / plays / stores music n details but it does not appear on Add / Remove.
I think your Media Player is working correctly now. So, we don't need to do anything about it. However, just for information purpose, as per my previous post, I had said that if you do not find WMP in Add/Remove, then you should check "Add/Remove Windows Components" list. You will find WMP there. "Add/Remove Windows Components" can be found when you open "Add or Remove Program".... you will see it on the left hand side, down.

That is for removing/adding programs which come pre-integrated with Windows.

You can check if its there in that list. It should be. However, since WMP is working, don't do anything.

Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
The only music on WPM is some of early I’Tunes files.
*WPM Playlist still has some importance because it lists Music name / artists of lost Playlists. When I click on one of these music files get a message box –

' WMP cannot play the file.
If file is on another computer verify that you are connected to the network. If you typed a path, verify it is correct. If problem persists, server might not be available'

Click - ‘ More Information ‘ – and you get the COOD1197 explanation.
Yea, you are getting that error, because WMP cannot find the files in the original location that its supposed to be in. Do you by any chance remember the folder(s) that your music files were in?

Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
* Opened ‘Search ' scan all files with the word ‘ Music ‘ results = 0.
You won't find music files if you search for "Music" . Instead, you should try entering a word, or a few words of the names of music files, if you remember. Because, the search function searches by the file names.

Or, you can just try this simple search, which would be better for you.

Open Search. On the menu where it says, "What do you want to search for?", under that, click on "Pictures, music, or video". Then just select Music, and click on Search. It will find all the music files on your computer. Then you can see in which folder the music files are there.

If you don't find the music files you have been looking for, then they might have been lost because of partitioning/resizing.

Or, another method to search. Select "All files and folders", and write "*.mp3" in the field of "All or part of the file name:". Make sure you select "Local Hard Drives" in "Look in:" ... so that it looks in both C: and E: drives.
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