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4goTTen21, Anupam and MidnightCowboy :

Thanks your comments. I will try to reply in order to the points raised.

* Windows XP Professional 2002 SP3. H.D is 80 GB.
C Partition : Total Size 19.5 GB. Free Space 3.85 GB now ( was almost full then ).
E Partition : Total Size 54.9 GB Free Space 53.80 GB

* When I got computer back from tech guy everything was on C partition including music files and I continued using it until warned it was full. I deleted old unused downloads to make space but warnings continued.

* Ran a registry cleaner ( think it was Eusing ) then a partitioner I can’t remember the name.
When I read software blurbs about partioning I did not think it would be difficult.

* Discovered music files lost.Searched for Media Player - in Add / Remove list.
I tried to return computer to an earlier date but still no music files.
Now, I have a copy of Media Player ( think its 9 ) back. It rips / plays / stores music n details but it does not appear on Add / Remove.

The only music on WPM is some of early I’Tunes files.
*WPM Playlist still has some importance because it lists Music name / artists of lost Playlists. When I click on one of these music files get a message box –

' WMP cannot play the file.
If file is on another computer verify that you are connected to the network. If you typed a path, verify it is correct. If problem persists, server might not be available'

Click - ‘ More Information ‘ – and you get the COOD1197 explanation.

* Opened ‘Search ' scan all files with the word ‘ Music ‘ results = 0.

* I understand there are a number of ‘ Players. Hoping to find lost music files.

MidnightCowboy: Have never knowingly touched Windows Registry.
Until other day did not know about Regedit.

I'm stumbling in the dark. Hope one of you guys has a candle.
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