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It's only fair I admit to being no expert in this field. I hope this general guide contains no flaws because it has worked for me, but even so I don't regard myself as competent enough to write a complete instructional article. With all distros being different, the best place to obtain the right data from is their respective forums or wikis. That said, those I've seen only seem to focus on either a single install of Linux to be the sole occupant of the PC, or dual booting with an existing version of Windows.

I'm certain there's a real demand for a more comprehensive "replace by current dual booted Linux with something else" guide, but this really needs the skills of Jojo, Ritho or similar to make it safe.

If you want to see a really beautiful example of KDE done right though, do try Kororaa. Get V15 and not 16 which uses Grub2 because there's been a few issues reported. This will replace your existing Linux with just a few clicks and maintain the integrity of your Windows dual boot. Plus, I can also offer some guidance about changing the looks etc., as I'm familiar with this distro. I'll post an example screenshot in the ChitChat "what does your desktop look like?" thread.

As ever, please make sure any valuable data is backed up first
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