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The situation I encounter quite regularly is that folks take the plunge with a dual boot and usually end up with Ubuntu which is massive here in Brazil. Once they get stuck into this they usually branch out into trying other distros. Often they then want to replace Ubuntu with something else but are worried about messing up their Windows partition in the process.

The only important part is finding out exactly what you have installed and where. This you can do with this command:

$ sudo fdisk -l

This is the input from my own machine:

Here you can see my Windows occupying the first two, and Linux the second pair.

Some distros make this process really simple. Kororaa for instance which IMO is the best KDE Linux offers to "replace existing Linux" as a default option. You simply accept this and you're done

Others usually prompt you to wipe your disk completely (which you don't want), install alongside other operating systems (which in this case won't work), or "something else". You need to choose the something else or "manual" option and then assign your new Linux to the right partition. In the case of this example it will be "sdb5". This you must select, format by ticking the box and most importantly change to "ext4" file system from the drop down choices. You'll also need to accept the prompts to unmount existing partitions, and then finally write the changes to disk.

With some distros this is enough as they will automatically recognise the existing "swap" area. If not, you will receive another prompt for this when you try to go ahead. In this case, just go back, select (in this example only) "sdb6", click to "change" and then assign as swap area from the drop down choices, and go ahead again.

I've made maybe 20 replacement Linux installs into the same dual booted system and not once has my Windows 7 refused to also boot afterwards.

Different distros will present this information in slightly different ways so this is just a general guide.
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