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Default The Autocratic Attitude of the Google Megasearch Maniacs

Everybody who knows about Google also knows that this body of junior bean-brains are addicted to putting crap on our browsers that we have no option of deleting. They bask in their autocratic world of "Take it or Leave it" like some Banana Republic Dictator.

Well luckily for us, their are people around who can screw up Google`s dictatorial attitude in many cases, but not always.

I have an add-on that deletes the Google screwball L/H side panel on their search perfectly.

Now, these xxxxxs have placed a blue bar on the search that invites us to SHARE something. It says "Click here to start sharing on Google+" and there is no option of getting rid of this parasitic piece of crap.

Can anybody advise users how to dump this latest brainstorm of the xxxxxic Google juvenile delinquents into the crap bin it deserves to be ?

Oh boy ! How many thousands of users will jump for joy if it works.
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