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Originally Posted by B Carson View Post
Anupam : sorry about the rules thing.

4goTTen21 : Ah! 21 a fond memory not 4goTTen.
Appreciate the desire to help from a lateral thinker.

I have Win XP 2003. Tech problems a few years ago. A Techie partitioned it.
When computer warned me HD was full I tried to move the partition.
Media Player disappeared plus about 300 WAV files on it.
The music I had downloaded from ITunes remained on ITunes player.

I have my MS reg code.
MS site searched my computer and recommended I download WMP 11.
When I did, up flashed noticed that it was incompatible.

Then I downloaded WMP 9 ex. file ( compatible with many XP versions ) from MS site to my
' Downloads Folder '. When I try to open that file a screen notice appears saying that I already have a newer version and it cancels. But I can't find with 'ad / remove' or ' search '
any WMP on computer.

I have installed Media Monkey but don't like it. Used WMP for 12 years, guess I'm comfortable with it. Hard to teach old dog new tricks.

Does any of the above make sense to anyone ?
Yes, I know what is going on. When you tried to install WMP11 it wrote some registry keys, one of them, the installed version of WMP (no matter if you remove it) . We need to downgrade, or delete such keys, to let the old WMP installer override it. The key involving WMP version is:
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ MediaPlayer\PlayerVersion"

You can open Regedit by pressing Windows Key+R key, then type regedit and hit enter.
As I said, you can delete this key or write down a lower version number. There could be more keys pointing WMP version, but this is where installers retrieve information. When done, try running old installer. If you have any question, don't hesitate on asking.
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