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4goTTen21, I am calm and calmly doing my job . Wherever possible, and whenever very important, rules can be made flexible. However, I don't think the situation is that important so as to bend the rules. Sorry. If it requires some steps for the download, so be it, why link to direct download.

Anyways, moving on to the topic, B Carson, what is your OS? Why do you even require versions 6, or 7? I think XP comes with Windows Media Player 9 already. So, you should be looking for versions higher than that. Or, are you having Windows prior to XP?

Anyways, if you want to download older versions of WMP, you can download here :

Although, the above link contains download for all versions of WMP, still, I am providing links to download from official Microsoft site.

WMP 7.1 :

WMP 10 :

WMP 11 :

You can find WMP 9 here too :
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