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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Sorry, but rules are rules, and as moderator, I have to make sure that they are followed. Our rules state that links to direct download for any kind of files, are not allowed. So, I have to make sure its done that way.

You can always link to the page on which the download is found, but sorry, direct downloads will not be allowed.

And I am again sorry, that again I had to edit your recent post. As per our forum rules, we do not allow non-English links. You had posted a non-English link, so I have had to replace it with an English one. If there was none present, I would have had to delete the link altogether.

Please make sure the posts are according to the rules.
Rules can be flexible. Rules were made to protect users from risk but, man, calm down, it's a Microsoft website. The only reason I did not link to (wherever I've link to) is 'cause I want user to override annoying steps.
Yeah, the language is ok, sorry I don't distinguish between English and Spanish.
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