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Originally Posted by 4goTTen21 View Post
Anupam can you just be not so severe following the rules? It's a Microsoft link for god sake, no one will be hurt.
Sorry, but rules are rules, and as moderator, I have to make sure that they are followed. Our rules state that links to direct download for any kind of files, are not allowed. So, I have to make sure its done that way.

You can always link to the page on which the download is found, but sorry, direct downloads will not be allowed.

And I am again sorry, that again I had to edit your recent post. As per our forum rules, we do not allow non-English links. You had posted a non-English link, so I have had to replace it with an English one. If there was none present, I would have had to delete the link altogether.

Please make sure the posts are according to the rules.
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