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My ISP is actually local. They get internet from ISP Airtel(dont know where they get it from, or they work directly). So, this local ISP has different plans. Mine is Friendly 128... which was earlier friendly 64. This plan provides reduced speed of 128 kbps for surfing, and around 19 kbps for downloading. For surfing, speed is OK, but for downloading, it just sucks. Moreover, it does not remain constant, and keeps fluctuating 15-22 kbps. They gave 30kbps for a few months in between but again dropped back, maybe because of some guidelines from Airtel.

On weekends, I get 60 kbps for download. Certainly not fast enough, but its OK. So, on weekends, I often download like crazy

Good thing is that there is unlimited download in this plan, and the cost is very less than other plans, which is why I have been keeping it for years.
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