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Originally Posted by George.J View Post
Paranormal Activity brought a different look to how horror movies can be made. This was a Low budget, Mocumentary film and its box office records are outstanding. A haunted house with just 2 main characters throughout the film. One of a kind and so realistic and that's why it gives me creeps!
Agreed. It was really made realistic, and after I watched the movie, I even read about it to find out if it was real or what. It was made that realistically. Really gave me chills.

Another one that I found good is The Cave. I had seen this along with The Descent. Both movies are similar that they are cave based films. The Descent is quite creepy.... but The Cave is not bad too.

The Grudge is good series too. I have only seen the first part though.

The Ring and The Ring 2 are also good.

What Lies Beneath was also pretty good.

LOL Terarus, you really create the environment huh?
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