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Most of my favorite movies are a little old.

On the waterfront
La ley de Herodes/ Herods law (English title)
Pasqualino Settebellezze/Seven beauties (English title)
Mean streets
The grapes of wrath
The Last Waltz
The hustler
The graduate
The graduate
The great Gatsby
High noon
Donnie Brasco
Min and Bill
The pianist
Stalag 17
A streetcar named desire
Three days of the condor

This are some of my favorites but not all. Most of this films should be familiar to most people living in the West except Seven beauties and Herods law. You should be able to find them somewhere, if you want to watch them. Even though I am not much into comedies, this two films, satires with extremely strong subject matter are some of my all time favorites. They are very heavy, and Seven beauties, specially, is such a film that once you ll watch it, you ll never forget it.

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