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I use 2 vpns, the speeds are fairly good. They don't allow p2p like torrents because of illegal downloading... but you wouldn't need p2p anyways if you are using it for security reasons, not illegal reasons

VPNReactor has a free package, not great for full time use since it has a 30 minute time limit but good enough for online banking

VPN On Demand is another good free one that I like. This one has no limitations that I know off, except maybe p2p, i never tried torrents on vpn since I know they generally don't allow it

i wouldn't worry much about running tor on top of vpn... I mean for privacy the vpn covers it to a degree, it is more for secure connection when on public network though but it hides your ip too. Tor/proxies just make your ip jump around after a set amount of time so it makes it harder to track. Again, not much of a concern unless you plan to do illegal things

edit: skip that firefox tor thing, the jundofox or whatever and just download the onion router. If you want firefox on tor, open it via that and it's on tor. No need installing addons to firefox or having a separate firefox just for tor

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