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Default Youtube: Speed up buffering

This really needs expert advice. I've tried various browsers and I've noticed difference in buffering times in Youtube. Yes, this difference is small but has anybody got working hacks in speeding up Youtube buffering times?

With respect to softwares providing assistance for the same I've read about SpeedBit Video Accelerator(free) and BiWifi Video Streaming Downloader. But am not sure how much buffering times would be minimized. Has anybody used the software?

Also the most popular post circulating around the net would be (This is just one of the many of the same posts around the net). As far as I can see, they are altering the buffer size, load speeds to infinity(Tbps range) . I havn't had any difference in speeds though I tried the same, but logically it should have some effect in improving the buffering time. Confused

Am open to any ideas or working solutions and valuable advices
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