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Default Seeking Best Anonymiser

Hi Readers,

Various tech forums appear to favour the following Anonymous IP Software :

proXPN, CyberGhost, SecurityKiss, HotspotShield, PrivateProxy, HideMyIP, GhostSurf, Anonymizer Anonymous Surfing.

Net chatter suggests :
a) Some anonymiser versions only work with certain versions of Firefox
generally the older.
b) Free versions of anonymisers are often less speedy, effective, compatible than
paid versions.
c) Some anonymisers are more / less compatible with Windows versions, various
security, antivirus software and ISPs.

I use XP Office 2003, Broadband, Firefox (each upgrade claims improved speed / security).

I seek an easy to use, highly effective, up to date anomymiser, compatible with my computer.

Good ratings in speed, anonymity, logging. Offering updates to avoid buying new edition every 6 months.

Happy to buy. If possible would like to experiment with free edition to see which is best for me, my computer and ISP in Australia.

Appreciate advice or comment from members on the best ( free or not ) suitable
software for an old computer dummy riding a dated P4.

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