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I stopped updating PicPick at v3.0.5 and still use that. It won't scroll with FF 7.0.1 for me either, XP Pro. Tried it with a couple of other browsers with varying degrees of success so I think it's more to do with the browser than the OS.

You could always try using an earlier version of PicPick - maybe back to v3.0.0 or v3.0.1 because those versions scrolled, as mentioned in the thread that wdhpr has provided the link to.

You can download older versions from here - use the drop down menu to select which one you want to use. I downloaded a couple, scanned them, and the files are clean so it's worth a try if you really do need the scroll feature. But, as also mentioned in the other thread, the scrolling feature can be a bit hit and miss, depending on the browser you use.
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