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Well, I have to admit to finding this quite impressive

Yes it does suffer from a lack of 3G recognition, but I've already received a "bespoke" support package for this from the developer and it's only my own state of Linux ignorance that is preventing me from making it work. Still, I'm getting closer and it does connect to my DSL without issue so this is "workable".

The other problem though is a bit more serious. Parts of the desktop effects don't work on my system which leaves Superkaramba themes unserviced as a minor issue but most right-click option windows such as copy/paste are unreadable. I have ATI, but downloading their listed driver for this made the situation worse and I also lost transparency for the panel. I've forwarded this to the developer too, so let's see what the response is.

Until now, my favorite KDE was Kororaa but blackPanther outshines with resource use and I also prefer the overall look, especially the personalized configurations for LibreOffice and Thunderbird. I can live without a "cube" so if the other composting issues are fixable, I'll be changing to this one
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