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Default Building websites, using Web Applications.

Apparently a lot of people have trouble setting stuff up on various Internet servers. You can learn a great deal, and save yourself a lot of hassle, by installing and testing various web applications on your own "Local" machine.

This is done by using special software packages like WAMP ( This is an acronym formed from the initials of the packages used. Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (or Perl or Python).

The open source package I mainly use is this one;

It will install a complete "integrated" server environment on your local machine. The "Default" settings will run a lot of packages as they are, but if you want to change environments and alter settings in the various packages then you need to learn a bit about them.

I also use this package for setting things up, and then exporting them to the servers they are to be used on. However, it should be remembered that various servers use various software and settings, and the settings you use have to match theirs if you want your software to run properly on your prospective target server.

At the very least, this and similar packages will allow you to "practice" for free with various web applications before you spend time and money on the web.


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