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Now lets see if it works,
exit root, making your the regular user.
Type conky and hit enter to see if it works.

A display of PC information should appear on your desktop.

To end the program I just enter <ctrl> c in the shell.

The conky program can be configured to run many different ways,
(I think, this is the first I've used it)
but this post was about installing from source not how to use conky.

It's not difficult to install from source, here is a summary:

1.) download tarball (*.tar.gz)
2.) unarchive using tar -xvf filename
3.) Enter directory and read README (possible special instructions)
4.) run ./configure
5.) switch to root
6.) run make
7.) run make install
8.) run make clean optional

No big deal, it's easy.

make uninstall to remove it, provided you kept your makefile
For info on make, check the man pages.

I've left out minor details and such as this was only
an introduction. Hope it was easy to understand.

This thread went over some of the basics to get you started,
now it's fun time!!
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