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Default compile and install from source

OK, how about we install a 3rd party application from source.

First of all, you should always install software from packages (.rpm, .deb, etc...),
Packages automatically take care of dependencies.
Packages are usually available for most mainstream applications, but not all.

If a package isn't available for download, or your distro package doesn't match
what's available, then installing from source is always an option.

Source is almost always available, can be compiled on most systems
and is usually always in a zipped file tar.gz or tar.bz2
It's actually zipped (gzip) tar (tape archive) file, typically referred to as a tarball.

So lets get started...
I've chosen a third party application called conky (evolved from torsmo).
Here is the download link:

Clicking the Latest Release "Get Conky" takes you to the page below.
We want the conky-1.7.0.tar.gz file.

save the file to your home directory.

No lets look at the downloaded package with ls -l

see next post
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