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Originally Posted by deya View Post
Christine McVie ... nice voice. I enjoyed that, Bo. Here's a couple of songs I listen to a lot, Loreena McKennitt performing at The Alhambra in Granada, Spain;
Nice songs deya. I specially liked the second one. If I was Irish, it would
remind me of Ireland(I know shes Canadian).

Every song written by Christine McVie has quality. I am tempted to say that
she was, probably, the best all around musician that was part of FM. This
2 songs and the previous ones that I posted make up my favorite FM songs.

This last song is gonna bring memories to anybody who had his/her first
slow dance in the early 70s. Is as good listening today as it was 41
years ago.
This song is part of this band second album. Every song on that album
was a real jewel and in my opinion is their best ever.

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