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Just as a small further suggestion -- you might also examine anything else that's running on your computer, in case there are some issues there. Try the free version of Winpatrol ( ) to see (and potentially tweak) what's being loaded at startup, what's running, and even to get clues about other possible bad guys wandering about the place.

You should definitely increase the pagefile to 4.5Gb.

The pagefile is where Windows puts stuff that's technically in RAM but isn't needed right now. So it's "virtual" memory -- because it's on disk -- but you can regard it as an extension, albeit a slow one, to genuine RAM -- within limits. WIndows CAN'T make use of more pagefile than the 1.5x RAM limit, so you won't gain anything setting it beyond that limit but Windows really is happiest when you let it manage it itself.

(Ideally, for best performance, the pagefile should be a single, contiguous area of disk, but achieving that can be a complex struggle so I won't make any further suggestions on that front!)
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