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Originally Posted by crank
I haven't [yet] wiped my main system partition, but I have trashed the MBR in numerous ways. GRUB2 is very nice, but how does it solve the wandering disk numbering? Maybe it's because I have yet to customize a GRUB2 menu, it's on the list!
I wiped my partition when I got in a hurry trying to install Ubuntu. I got the sdb1 mixed up with sda1. I watched in agony as my Windows got eaten alive
I use paragon pro disk imaging which I obtained from DotTech when it was offered as a freebee. It works better with ext3 & 4 than my old version of Acronis. I make it a habit to make a image of my MBR along with the partition. Another method for trying out different distros is to install them using Virtual Box. It helps keep things neat and tidy.

Originally Posted by crank
A time when that magic word for PC geeks comes to mind: defenestration. I would love to be on the roof of a high rise and get to hurl a few dozen PCs to ugly, loud, shattering deaths. Like old Lettermans with the fruit.[/vent]
A fun way to crash a PC

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