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Originally Posted by wdhpr View Post
Yup......... been there done that.
Had a backup image of my windoze so not a major disaster.

I still use xp and since grub2 came out I haven't had any problems.
I haven't [yet] wiped my main system partition, but I have trashed the MBR in numerous ways. GRUB2 is very nice, but how does it solve the wandering disk numbering? Maybe it's because I have yet to customize a GRUB2 menu, it's on the list!

If you sometimes play around with multibooting way too many systems, the info you have to go with on the generated menu is minimal, even typing 'e' to see which entry goes with which partition often leaves you with a choice that isn't at all obvious. In my situation, right at the moment, I have multiple disks, same size, same model, with similar partitions. I think, but am not sure, that they do not move in the order, but whether you have a CD or a USB changes things. Then there is what you set as the first disk decides something??

Windows diskmanagement is usually consistent, but not always. I'm sure these recent systems with separate controllers for 6GB/s and USB3.0 are part of what is causing me a lot of mental erosion, usually the 2 SATA3 drives are consecutive, but then sometimes they're not. And I'm really at a loss with this old 80GB drive I have hooked up on an eSATA setup, it got relegated to a RAID designation, and about half the time is is shown as the first disk and then sometimes it's last. Am I missing something? Have I been getting lost in the details and can't see what is obvious to even a technophobe?

Oh well, I guess I am whining, it's been a lousy last 3 days, one of those times when you spend inordinate amounts of time trying to do a few things, getting almost none of it to work right, and many of the problems appear to be random glitches. A time when that magic word for PC geeks comes to mind: defenestration. I would love to be on the roof of a high rise and get to hurl a few dozen PCs to ugly, loud, shattering deaths. Like old Lettermans with the fruit.[/vent]
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