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Originally Posted by samcraw View Post
@Sope, I simply doubled the paging size. It was 750 and I upped it to 1500. I am not altogether what I am changing because the paging size is kinda confusing to me, but it seems to have worked so far.
1500MB may well be enough considering you have 3GB of RAM.
I would suggest upping it to 3000MB next time if you get any further critical memory warnings.

Originally Posted by samcraw View Post
As for the thumb/flash/ whatever people call it/ drive they come as high as 32 at least that is what I have seen. Given that I can catch them on markdown frequently, I may decided to us that rather than ann external drive as it is infinitely portable, and a pocket full of them will take along almost anything I want.
Thumb drives may indeed suit you best depending on how much data you want to store. However, if you are thinking of buying a number of them to meet your needs it's still worth checking how much it's going to cost you per GB.
Here in the UK it works out approx 1/GB for thumb drives compared to 1/10GB for portable external drives.
Added to that, the external drive is likely to be much faster and last longer, not to mention being more versatile.
Granted they are more bulky, but are still impressively small in the 2.5in form.
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