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Sam, you have enough free space on the hard drive. Was this done recently, after you started getting the error message? I am assuming you have only one partition on the hard disk, and that was the one shown in the info.

Are you still getting the error message regarding low memory? I think you should not be getting them anymore?

Regarding virtual memory, I am not an expert on this, but I think that if the RAM is 3 GB, then setting the virtual memory to 1.5x of RAM, that is, 4.5 GB... wouldn't that be too much?

And virtual memory will only come in play, if there is less of RAM available for use. And with 3 GB of memory, which is quite enough, will virtual memory come to play often? I am thinking that whatever is at present should be OK.

I agree though, that 80 GB of hard drive space, is quite less, if you are looking to use it for music and video. You should look for probable ways to expand that hard drive. Either replace it with a higher capacity if possible, or if not, then an external hard drive is the best option, if your needs are not getting fulfilled with the USB drives.
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