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Hi samcraw,

That paging file size seems a bit small considering you have 3GB of RAM. As Anupam originally suggested, this may be the cause of your critical memory warnings.
It should be at least equal to the amount of RAM installed though the recommended size is 1.5x RAM. The preferred way to manage paging file size is to let Windows take care of it automatically.

To do this, go back to where you found the paging file size and click on the button next to it labelled [Change]
From there, make sure that "system managed size" is selected then click [Set]
You will have to reboot your machine for the changes to take effect.

Sounds like you may have already done pretty much everything you can to make more room for storage of your music and videos. You could possibly disable system hibernation and reduce the amount of disk space allocated to system restore points to make a bit more room (if you haven't already done that).
At the end of the day, an 80GB HDD is pretty small for storage of music and video these days and can quickly get filled up. To carry more files with you, your original idea of using extra USB sticks may be the most appropriate if you want to avoid using an external HDD (though these can be pretty small physically if you go for the 2.5in USB powered variety).
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