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From this sentence in the original post.....

"I constantly get messages that the memory is critically low and to remove files and programs" appears to me that it may be the "storage" memory that is critically low.

Having said that, the hard disk appears to be approx 25% empty whereas the system usually only tends to complain when there's less than 10% empty.
I guess this warning could have been triggered if at some stage you tried to copy a large amount of data to the hard disk or maybe to a USB stick??

It's not clear whether the "memory sticks" that you mention you added were in fact USB or RAM??

Basically the CPU and RAM currently installed look more than up to the task. Which leaves virtual memory or hard disk space.

In that case, what size is your paging file (virtual memory)?
Find out by following the instructions below :-

[Start] right click [My Computer] click [Properties]
Click [Advanced] tab then click [Settings] in the [Performance] section
Click the [Advanced] tab where under [Virtual Memory] it will show you the size of your paging file.
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