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Originally Posted by bk_7312 View Post
How do you access emacs? To access vi I just type vi filetoedit, tried emacs filetoedit but Konsole says bash: emacs: command not found. Tried man vi, shows a description of vi and stuff like that; tried man emacs, shows No manual entry for emacs.

One more thing, I don't know how or why but /etc/resolv.conf seems to have reseted itself. I had to change the nameservers again (which is a piece of cake now) to use OpenDNS again. Maybe this has something to do with my network configuration or something but I'm fine with it (for now), I'll look into this later (when I get annoyed).
Ah yes,
your /etc/resolv.conf being rewritten has to do with your configuration.
If you are configured (which I expect you are) to obtain DNS addresses automatically
a program will extract the DNS from your Internet provider and write that to resolv.conf

You can fix this many ways...

You can change to a dedicated DNS setting
(Your GUI probably has this capability)

You can modify the program that writes to your resolv.conf
(this sounds worse than it is, it's probably just another config file to modify)
(this procedure may be distro dependent, not universal to all Linux)

A simple way might be to change the permissions on your resolv.conf to:
r--r--r-- which would require the following:
su root it will ask for a password
Now as root chmod 444 /etc/resolv.conf
(making it read only)

However you fix it, your now on the path to configuring your own custom Linux system!!!
Linux IMHO is not meant to be used right out of the box, it's meant to be configured,
why else would you have almost unlimited configurability!!

As for emacs, I thought most distros installed it, but maybe not.
I assume the executable would be in your path...
I'll get back to you later on this one, I'm not using a "Linux Box"
right now and don't have access to one.
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