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Originally Posted by debtboy View Post
Yes vi takes some getting used to

It's on almost all Linux/Unix systems and very fast (when you get used to it).

Here is a vi cheatsheet for reference.

It's very common to use a text based editor like vi after you telnet into a server. (no GUI available)

To aviod an all out war, I have to mention emacs
If you ever used Wordstar you will probably like emacs.

The rivalry between vi and emacs is legendary among the Linux community!!!

Glad you were able to use a graphical editor like Kwrite (KDE).
How do you access emacs? To access vi I just type vi filetoedit, tried emacs filetoedit but Konsole says bash: emacs: command not found. Tried man vi, shows a description of vi and stuff like that; tried man emacs, shows No manual entry for emacs.

One more thing, I don't know how or why but /etc/resolv.conf seems to have reseted itself. I had to change the nameservers again (which is a piece of cake now) to use OpenDNS again. Maybe this has something to do with my network configuration or something but I'm fine with it (for now), I'll look into this later (when I get annoyed).
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