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Mike Connor
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You can't reasonably compare apples with bananas, the only sensible conclusion is that they are different.

Windows and Linux are like apples and bananas. There are a lot of things both can do, one will do some things better than the other, or things the other can not do at all. One is apparently free, the other is apparently expensive. Do you want an apparently free banana or an apparently expensive apple? ( Maybe I should have chosen "lemons" here??? ).

Might it be better for you in the long run to buy an apparently expensive apple, ( no pun intended, but "if the cap fits" ), than to be given an apparently free banana?

If you really want an apple, why bother with a banana at all? Just because it's "free"?

What does "free" mean? If you spend six frustrating and unsuccessful weeks trying to install a kernel upgrade to a banana, was it still "free"? Who needs a blue banana kernel anyway?

If you spend five minutes and ten dollars adding a pip colour upgrade to an apple, was it expensive? Who cares what colour the pips are anyway? was it more expensive than a six week unsuccessful blue banana kernel upgrade) ( That nobody wanted in the first place, and although some thought it might widen their horizons, all it did was limit their vistas!).

Maybe you don't like bananas,or you hate apples, quite regardless of how they look or taste?

Which is "better"? There is no sensible answer to that, because it depends entirely on what you want.

If you want something that behaves exactly like Windows, then buy Windows. If you want something that behaves exactly like Linux, then get Linux.

If you don't know what to do with a computer, or with Linux, or Windows, you don't need any of them, buy a bag of mixed fruit and nuts instead. Make sure you include apples and bananas,just for a little variety!


Mike Connor

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