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I decided to give ReactOS a spin today. I downloaded ReactOS 0.3.13 alpha from their site... both the live CD version, and the installable disk version.

I tried the live CD on a fairly new computer with Core 2 Duo, and other new components. It booted fine from the live CD, but after showing loading files, it just stops, and does nothing.

I then tried to install it on the same computer, but an old spare HDD. This time I used the installable CD. It won't even boot up with that. It just kept on the language screen, and the keyboard just stops responding.

Then, I decided to install it on an old system running P-III, and 512 MB SDRAM. There, it booted up fine, and gave all the options for installing similar to Windows, but when it came to installing on the HDD, it failed. Prior to actual installation, there were some warning that, first, it does not recognize NTFS system yet. Further, there were some warnings about partitions not being recognized/deleted etc.

So, the old HDD had old Windows on it, with NTFS partition, and another small partition of 16 MB. It deleted the NTFS partition, but then refused to recognize it, and won't let me choose it, so as to let me install on it. It kept showing the 16 MB one for installation, but that is just not possible.

I gave up finally. Maybe the live CD will work on this system, but for that I have to erase the DVD-RW(have just one) again, and go through the trouble of writing the live CD image on it. I am not up for that trouble.

Overall, it failed badly for me. I was not even able to see what it looked and felt like.

I just hope that in the end, its a usable product.
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