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Default Point Counter point!

I guess I'm giving away my age here.
I remember building the lib files on my amiga 1200 machine just to get the latest game to run. After getting my first IBM machine I remember configuring my memory to get Mech Warriors to run. Himem, extended mem anyone remember QEMM ?
Lets face it microsoft was shorted sighted during the early development days. although in my opinion Windows 3.1 was the most stable windows platform I ever used. Windows 95 started the switch over to the now famous registry. Win ME sucked big time but I still could boot to my beloved DOS. The rest brings us to where we are now.

Linux was developed after the microsoft monopoly started. World wide I might add. I truly believe when there is a monopoly on anything, competition dies a slow lingering death.
Anyone ever fry a motherboard? Replace it with an upgraded board, replace the power supply and add more ram. Just to find out you CAN NOT REINSTALL using your restore disk.

Fertilizer for linux to grow!

Something has to become an alternative to microsofts windows. In my humble opinion this will not only give those with limited resources a chance to use a linux/free OS but it may give windows a well deserved kick in their rears. Lets not forget Vista.

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