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Originally Posted by PsychEroc View Post
I am relatively tech-savy, not afraid of a command prompt
Originally Posted by PsychEroc View Post
For it to really catch on, there has to be something that linux can do, that windows can't do. Firefox, for example, won people over because all the extensions made it do things that IE couldn't.
Functionally they are similar, but for those like yourself who are NOT afraid of the command line, then...
These basic Linux functions are not available in Windows:

1.) You can't create symbolic links ln -s in Windows
2.) You can't pipe outputs to inputs in Windows
3.) You can't recompile the kernel in windows
4.) You can't replace you desktop environment with another
5.) You can't switch between multiple window managers
6.) You can't assign permissions to directories in Windows
7.) Linux offers many different shells Windows offers one.
(the csh accepts c-code directly)
8.) Linux can format devices and put different file systems on them.
9.) Multiple Users can log into Linux at the same time, but in Windows only one.
10.) With certain Linux Window Managers I can run multiple desktops and additional virtual desktops switched between by a pager.
11.) I can view most all of the Linux source code, but Windows is a mystery.
The linux command line accepts an order of magnitude more commands than the Windows command prompt, so the... What can Linux do that Windows can't list could go on for a while.

But as I said, they are functionally similar to the average user
and with each new Windows release, they are becoming even more similar. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Yes Good Debate!!

Larger businesses typically use Linux/Unix/HP-UX/AIX/Solaris based servers for their super important Financial and Financial Transaction Systems, but they have many Windows Servers as File, Web, System Management and mail servers. (IMHO, no facts to back this up)

Now for really small businesses, it's like Linux is tailor made, everything in one box/download.

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