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Hi debtboy,
I definitely think your reasons are convincing to tech-savy users wanting to perform the server-related tasks you mention: File Server, Web/FTP Server, Print Server, Database Server.
Stability, reliability, configurability, and cost are certainly priorities in these cases.
In fact, anyone I know running Linux is using it in some capacity as a server.
Are a majority of servers linux-based? If not, why not?

For non-server tasks, the personality and customizablity arguments are interesting to me and to other techies. I have noticed that a lot of custom-made desktop designs are linux-based. Perhaps this level of customizability is something linux can do that windows can't do.

But for non-server tasks, it's still my impression that I would have to give up too much (what programs/functionality do I have to give up?) to obtain any of the benefits (free+customizable+curiosity+speed+safefty+reliabi lity+?).

You're right, good debate!
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