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I like it...

This is a good debate.
When it comes to functionality, both systems are capable of most tasks, but there are a few differences.

4 reasons people are using Linux??
1.) Stability
The Linux/Unix core is known for it's stability.

2.) Flexibility/Configurability
Here Linux excels (possibly to it's own detriment).
The system can be configured how ever you wish,
which makes almost every system unique. The issue
with this type of flexibility is you need a certain amount
of knowledge or experience to do what you want while
avoiding a total crash/meltdown/loss.

3.) Reliability
From my own personal experience, Linux means Reliability.
I had an old desktop system that ran for 3+ years without
ever being turned off.

4.) Cost
Linux open-source FREE

I use Linux as a File Server (Samba), Web/FTP Server (Apache), Print Server (Cups), Database Server (MySql),
Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH) and of course a regular desktop system.

Now of course Microsoft offers the same functionality,
but in an a-la-carte fashion. All Linux systems are
Multi-User, Multi-Tasking systems while WindowsXp
and Vista are Single-User, Multi-Tasking to get
Multi-User, Multi-Tasking you need a server OS such as
Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008. The same is true of Sql Server 2005, a server OS is needed. IIS and FTP
come with the system, but you need additional licenses for
the Terminal Server for remote connections like the free
Telnet or Secure Shell on Linux.

There are many more comparisons like Sendmail (Linux)
and Exchange Server, etc... etc... etc...

It's obvious that the biggest difference is COST!!
There is no comparison of a full Linux Distribution
including all servers and the multiple MS packages
and licenses needed to offer the same functionality.
The COST M$ retail is VERY HIGH!!!

So it's not a matter of what each system can do it's a matter of easily, how well and at what cost.

Besides what was mentioned above, another reason to use
Linux is personality. It's not overly easy to use and that appeals
to some, that are curious, persistent and a little stubborn.

Ironically, Linux is good for Windows and we consumers benefit.

I could go on and on...
As I said, this is a good debate.
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