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Skype being offered on FileHippo for download is an online installer, of just over 1 MB. Whereas, the one I am having problem with it, is offline installer of 23.2 MB. The link is not officially available on Skype site, but it was before... and I have it stored for my use. Its available on blogs too, if you do a Google search for it.

Seems like the problem might be with the offline installer, for whatever reason.

Jim, if you want, you can try other Voip alternatives to Skype. There are some :

Logitech Vid HD :

I haven't tried it myself, but it looks good. I have it installed, and looking for an opportunity to test it out. Will report back on it, when I do test it out.

OoVoo :

Its free for 3-way audio/video chat. Haven't tried it too though.

You can even chat on Yahoo Messenger, if you have it... or on Windows Live too.

But yes, you can't beat Skype quality for audio chats.
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